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now that tax season is over, i really hope to be around on here more. i made these saturday to wear for my birthday:

that is it for now. i hope to be back soon.
so. the yudu is... not as easy as it promotes itself to be. i watch the training video it came with twice (which was... ridiculous, and all in all not very helpful for one who already understands screen printing). i also watch a couple of videos online on how to get set up. the part that i was most worried about was the photo emulsion. i had never worked with one before and seeing as they are about $10 a pop, i wanted to make sure i got it right. last monday, eric c came over for an art day, he taught me a bit about book binding, and we learned about the yudu together. long story short, i ruined the first emulsion. followed the directions to a t, and still ruined it. the problem with spraying down the screen with a water bottle, or wetting it with a towel is that it doesn't get wet enough. the second emulsion i took into the shower and soaked. it stuck to the screen beautifully, but also too 4 hours to dry. after we had so much trouble with the emulsions, eric went around checking for product reviews and found that ALOT of people had the same issues. the rest of the process went off without a hitch. mostly. there was a little bit of a bleedy-ink issue, but that well may have been my fault, as i'm a little out of practice. i will let you know next time. and there has to be some middle ground where the screen is just wet enough that the emulsion sticks well and it doesn't take 4 hours to dry (in the video it says 20 minutes btw). i'll let you know when i know more myself.
after all that i ran off five artist proofs of a touched up "illustration" from o7. i was happy with the results, and have been experimenting with hand coloring.

when i have a spare minute (har har har) i will update with some photos.

off to work...
i just found something i scribbled in the back of my senior show visitor's log...

our seed was planted in the ground
not grown from light or soil
just sound
and watered with the melodies
of songs exchanged
between you and me.

i know who it was for... and i have a good idea of what to do with it.


keep calm and carry on.


two thousand ten / begin again

right now i feel... over loaded...

going through a bit of a rough patch emotionally. i'll spare you the details here but update the old lj.

on the upside, today my father bought me a yudu as 'an investment in the future'. my mind is swimming with the posibilities and i don't even know where to start. i also got myself a new sketchbook, as i am convinced the old one had some sort of bad juju. and while i don't really believe in 'new year's resolutions', i am going to try much harder to draw more often.

i hope everyone had a happy new year and that 2010 brings health, happiness, and inspiration to you all!
having two jobs stinks. i really haven't had time to do too much lately, let alone post it here. i do, however, have this neat-o picture from the alpabet graveyard we found up in kingston:

and we think this was an eel at some point:

i finished up sewing the two scarves that i was supposed to screen print and ship from fur fright, and now they just have to be screen printed, ironed, and shipped.

christmas spoiler alert! today i've been experimenting with a few candy recipes... i think i would like to make boxes of candy for everyone this christmas. (i warned you... if you read on, you totally ruined your own surprise). well... not completely ruined... you don't know what kind of candy. i will give you this preview though:

thats all for now. the likely hood of my posting before christmas is slim. but i will take pictures and post recipes and such of the final products after the holidays. (i don't want to completely ruin all the surprise, right?)

for anyone who reads this, i hope your holiday season is happy, healthy, and bright and full of wonderful handmade gifts. for any one who isn't handy themselves i encourage you to check out cosa verde and (of course) etsy to buy handmade for the season!

birthday tarts

it's clawed's birthday! i decided to bake him something. george and i have been watching ridonkulous amounts of food network lately, and he suggested that we make him one of paula deen's goodies.

we baked two tarts. one for him, and a test one... to well... test it as this was the first time we were attempting the recipe.

i wanted to make the crust leaves, but it was completely george's idea to spell out his name.

we followed the recipe pretty much exactly aside from the whipped topping and mint. and instead of using marmalade we used this honey citrus stuff (jam? for lack of a better word) that my dad brought home from the asian food market.

we brought it over and shannon broke out the vanilla ice cream and it was a party!

i definitely suggest trying this recipe, it's pretty easy. we didn't have a tart pan, so we used a pie tin with the same diameter. also... we think paula's idea of a 'medium' apple is a little different than ours... we wound up splitting five apples between the two pans and having just the right amount of custard to cover it.


now that push for the plush is out of the way, it's time to focus on the convention in connecticut with shannon and clawed. the clay shapes for the skull jewelery has been finished and baked and the molds have been prepared. we will be pouring the molds today. i've also been working on some bandanas. huge ones. giant ones. giandanas if you will. they are meant for costumes, but they work well for plain ol' people too. (i was wearing one of the unfinished ones the other day and received compliments all around!)

and now... some pictures!

and that is where i'm at.

birthday day

george sure took his time opening the box.

(he unwrapped it with care)

(making sure each piece of paper stayed un-torn)

(ROLLED the tape up in one piece)


(and opened the box WITHOUT LOOKING)

he felt around in the box a little with out looking too. just to draw it out a little more. when he finally looked, i think he was happy. he read the journal and i told him about all the other little electronic stuff he has (livejournal, facebook, email). the most unexplained-phenomenon-beer i could find was extraterrestri-ale from crop circle brewing... so thats what tom bazi brought to the party. now we're trying to figure out where to go and what to do for the rest of the weekend.

i would say that everything turned out well, and i am happy with the results.

i can't wait to make more plushies!

meet tom bazi

ladies and gentlemen, i would like you to meet mr. tom bazi.

(completely stuffed and assembled)

(and enjoying a brew)

better pictures to come later. for now, this will do. imma go to bed.

secret project 9-17.1 update

yeti progress report:


(second coat of paint with shiny eyes and teeth)

(cut and laid out)

(arms sewn and stuffed)

i'm creating a monster!